Monday, 31 October 2011

New Guitar Blog

Hi Folks

Just what the world needs - another blog! :) But for me this is a great way to keep a diary of my guitar building antics - and hopefully you will find something useful to take away with you?

The story so far. I love woodworking and I play guitar. So obviously everyone you meet says "Have you made your own guitar?"...... After years of this I thought "Let's get this over with and build a damn guitar!". And what do you know, I rather enjoyed it!

So after my first attempt I had a go at an acoustic, a Weissenborn. Then an SG. Then a Les Paul. And then a PRS (to replace a PRS I'd recently sold) And another Les Paul, etc.........
I've sold of most of my guitar collection and have just four originals left - the rest are all "Phil-Built". And I get a real buzz out of playing a guitar that I made myself - it's pretty cool :)

And that's enough background for now - let's get some guitar stuff cooking. First up - a Strat!


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