Tuesday, 6 March 2012


So with the lacquer sprayed it's the part I hate most - waiting for it to cure! Thankfully there are things to get on with. Frets for one....

I usually hammer in the frets but that always does a little damage to them. I saw a home made fret press made from a welding clamp on a forum and thought that might be worth making. A few quid later for a cheapo Ebay clamp and an hours work cutting, drilling and making wooden jaws and voila! My own press for less than a tenner.

It worked magnificently - I really was quite impressed with what a nice job it did and there was no damage to the frets - this baby is going to take very little fret work! If anyone is interested in how I made my press let me know and I'll put up the photo's.

I also started making templates for a Musicman EVH - that'll be coming along after the Firebird :)


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