Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Old Strat

HI Folks
Work has been taking up my time too much recently, so guitar builds have been taking a back seat. Saying that....
A friend has a 1976 Strat that he loves playing but hates looking at. It has has the neck planed flat and a refret which has made the guitar playable, but the fingerboard looks horribly new on such an old guitar. I really want to remedy that! Also the paint. Now, we all know old guitars look awesome, better than Relics, yeah? Not this one. Think POS :)
In the '70's Fender went over to Poly as a finish. It's not so much a lacquer as a thick layer of epoxy - no joke! It does not age nicely. And this guitar looks like someone has tried to repair it in areas with varnish at some point. My friend wondered if I could spray a black sunburst around the edges (the guitar has a natural finish). After much discussion and soul searching over "ruining" the guitar and its resale value it was decided that a refinish was wanted.
So I'm currently scraping poly off the body - not a nice job. But it has to be done, you definitely are not sanding it off ;)
More soon,

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