Thursday, 12 September 2013

Strat with a hint of Ricky

I bought a pair of Toaster style pickups ages ago in a sale on the off-chance I might make a Rickenbacker one day. But the reality is I never will, it's just not my kind of guitar. So I had a thought........
Take one Strat, two pickups and a three way switch. Maybe add a black jack socket plate and add a pair of chrome knurled knobs. Result? A Stratenbacker. Or Rickencaster. Maybe ;)

She sounds interesting, nowhere near as thin as I was expecting. The bridge pickup is particularly sensitive to handling noise and will howl if too much gain is used at high volume. But I like it - the sound has some real interesting overtones and a pretty chunky sound. Time to gig the thing and see how we get on!

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