Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Strat - Neck

All the necks I have built so far have been Gibson style necks - Fender did things slightly different so I was looking forward (and slightly nerv o us) to making this neck, especially with the wonderful piece of maple I had.
Fender made one and two piece necks - the two piece had a separate fingerboard but the one piece needed a lot more jigs to make. I chickened out and went for the two piece...

I have come up with a good way to make radiused sanding blocks so made an 18 inch one for this neck - it came in very handy when gluing on the fingerboard as a caul, too!
The rear shot shows the departure from the norm - I'm using an angled neck plate which gives a handy boost to upper fret access. I was doubtful it would really make a difference but it really feels good with no loss of clamping pressure.

I have some Tru Oil coming in the post today so will start applying this to the neck later. Really looking forward to using this as it gets recommended a lot.


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