Saturday, 25 February 2012


Hi Folks
If you've been following the recent Gibson debacle over Rosewood you'll knot that in 2012 it's getting harder and harder to find (and use) the classic tonewoods that are in used in guitars. We all dream of finding a cheap stash of Brazilian Rosewood but it probably isn't going to happen. And if you build a lot of guitars what options are available?
People are increasingly concerned about the impact their choice of wood has on the environment. While I won't veer off onto that subject I can see that now is a good time to be experimenting with new species of wood - tomorrows Brazilian Rosewood could be sat unloved at your local timber seller. I've just returned from a trip to my local timber yard - this is the second time I have noticed boards of timber of species I've never heard off. I've bought planks of each one to try out and, while talking to the salesman, he told me they are ordering in quite a few new timbers in the near future.
So maybe today is a good time to branch out and try something different - who knows what you may find?


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