Thursday, 23 February 2012

Strat part 1

So - the Strat....
I've had a few Strats over the years, none of which have sounded and felt as good as a silver series Squier I bought new back in '91. Lovely guitar, nicely gigged into submission. I've had some beautiful Strats that I regret selling because a Strat is so darn beautiful that I want one in each and every finish. But back to reality.....
I've been trying various pickups in my Squier trying to regain the sound I had with a set of SD Alnico II's back in the day. After trying a few sets I ended up a cheapo set of Axerus own brand "Alamo" pickups, and very nice they are too. The spare sets were going to go back on the Bay then I thought "hey, let's make a Strat and use up the spare parts!".
So here we are - poplar body with 6mm thick curly maple drop top bent over the top (thanks to my vacuum bag!). Curly maple neck and board, hard tail, classic pickup and wiring. I slotted the fingerboard last night and need to make a radius sanding block to match the radius I want (9.5") then I can get the neck finished. And hopefully the guitar should fall together pretty quickly - that maple looks so good I can't keep my hands off it!


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